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Monday, December 09, 2013

Ballycotton 10 entry forms now available...

The Ballycotton 10 mile road race is one of the most popular races in the country and the demand for places last Friday was testament to that. After opening at 2pm, all 2,300 places available online were sold out within 90 minutes although there were some problems with the website being able to handle so many requests.

The form for postal entries can now be found HERE

Note however that these are now the only options for getting in....

1) If you are a member of an Athletics Ireland registered club then you have until Friday the 20th to post your entry in. If you are a member of a Triathlon club, running group, etc then it doesn't count. It must be an athletics club.

2) If you ran all four races in the 2013 Ballycotton Summer Series then as above, you have until the 20th of December.

3) If you life overseas then you have until Tuesday the 7th of January to get your entry in.

4) If you are a non-club runner then your options are very limited. The organisers will accept the first 200 non-club entries to arrive by post on Tuesday the 10th of December. It's very likely that this will be a real lottery as the number of entries to sure be way greater than 200. If this is your only option then try it and hope for the best.

a) Don't send the full entry form, just the strip on the right with your details.
b) Don't staple the cheque to the entry form.
c) You can enclose several entries in one envelope.

If you didn't get in then there is a 10 mile race in Mallow on the 23rd of March.


Anonymous said...

Do the overseas applicants have to be members of an athletic club or have completed the summer races or can anyone apply. they accept cash ie notes?

Anonymous said...

When will list of successful applicants be published.
Still reeling since Friday evenings disaster on the website.

John Desmond said...

Overseas applicants can be anyone...i.e non-club runners. Note that the race number will be posted to the overseas address so the entry must be legitimate.

As always, it's best not to put cash in the post.

The list of successful applicants will likely be out in mid-January.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I send Postal Order as I don't use Cheque book. thanks

Anonymous said...

I got an error message saying I failed to enter last friday. I got an e-mail to say i was successful, but no money has been taken from my account.
SO, Am I in or not?? Does anyone know.
Do I send in another form (because of the summer series I can) or is that going to clog the system with duplicates.
I really dont know what to do and there is nowhere to check....
Any advice

John Desmond said...

If you have any concerns about whether you are in or not....based on the fact that you did get an e-mail...then you could send the organisers an e-mail to check. Just tell them what happened.

If you are in Ireland then a postal order is fine. If you are in the UK then use a Euro bank draught.