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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Study suggests widespread doping amonst elite athletes

In a study released yesterday, it was stated that doping in elite athletics is widespread. Despite lots of tough talk, out of competition testing and micro dosing are still valid concerns. You only have to look at countries like Ethiopia where EPO is openly sold in pharmacies without a prescription and Jamaica where there was no out of competition testing for many years.

This is what the report summary said...

Doping appears remarkably widespread among elite athletes, and remains largely unchecked despite current biological testing. The survey technique presented here will allow future investigators to generate continued reference estimates of the prevalence of doping.

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Anonymous said...

Tests aren't good enough. There should be no such thing as micro dosing but there is because it works. Only a matter of time before more Irish try it. Not fair on them that the temptation is so big. Despite those in high paid jobs in athletics administration blowing their own trumpets in how good world athletics is progressing it is far from it. At the time the 2012 Olympics were dubbed the cleanest Olympics ever but it is now known they were the dirtiest Olympics ever. Lord Coe has shown very bad leadership then and since.