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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon and Marathon Relay 2008....Part 6 of 12 by Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA

(Mick Dooley of the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association is writing a 12 part series of articles for the Evening Echo. He has very kindly sent them on to me so that I can put them up here on this blog. They are written with the beginner in mind. Part 6 is based on 7 weeks to go, about the 14th of April)

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon - Running Gear
It’s not always the running gear that looks good that is the best. Most of all, your running gear should be comfortable and appropriate to the weather conditions.
Choosing your running gear is the one of the important decision you will make as a runner. Having the right running shoe for your foot strike will help you avoid injury and also avoid serious discomfort while doing long mileage. The shoe companies have designed many different shoe types to meet the needs of different runners. If you are buying new shoes, you should go to a specialist running store where you will get good advice on what you need. It is a good idea to bring your own shoes with you, this will give them a good indication of your foot strike and they can then recommend shoe type and style. Some shops also have specialist equipment to measure your foot strike. Make sure that you are training in shoes with low mileage wear to maximize absorption of shock.

Stop Watch
A good stopwatch is an invaluable piece of equipment for a runner to use. Most stopwatches have a clear display showing your total running time, and are also able to record split and lap times which will be very use full when you start to run specific training sessions.

Apparel, and Accessories
Wear Cool-max or synthetic blend socks, singlet, and shorts that wick away moisture/perspiration and won't cause chafing to enhance your comfort level.
Use Body Glide, Skin Lube, Vaseline, or similar products (on feet, under arms, between thighs, nipples, etc.) to eliminate or reduce chafing and/or blisters.
Do not over-dress. Assess the need to wear tights, long-sleeves, etc. as excess clothing can lead to overheating of the body. Doing so makes the "real feel" 10 degrees warmer once you begin running. In cooler weather and/or in windy conditions, consider wearing an old t-shirt that you can discard once your long run or marathon begins, but be sure that you won't be running into the wind later on your return route. Also remember that if you choose to wear a hat, it will trap body heat (great in cold weather) but a bad idea for a long run or marathon with hot/humid conditions).

Kit Bag
Your kit bag should be large enough to contain all your running gear, a change of clothing, shower gear, running shoes, a small amount of money and a small medical pouch. All of which should have it’s own place so you can find whatever it is you need without, having to scour the whole bag if something particular is required. A good kit bag will have different compartments which will help you to organise each section. Remember, to label your bag with your name, address and mobile number in case you misplace it.

Champion Sports Cork City Marathon Training Guide
Week 6 of the 12 week training plan (...intended for the 14th of April)

Week 5
Mon 40mins easy, Tue Rest, Wed 70mins Steady, Thurs Rest, Fri warm up 6x3mins warm down,
Sat Rest, Sun.2 hours or 10mile race

Week 5
Mon 30mins easy, Tues 45mins steady, Wed 90mins easy, Thurs Rest , Fri 30mins easy,
Sat warm up 30mins hard warm down, Sun two and half hours steady or 10mile race

Serious Runners
Week 5
Mon 45mins steady, Tues 8x2mins fast, Wed 90mins easy, Thurs 3x10mins 5mins recovery,
Fri rest/jog, Sat warm ups 4miles fast warm downs, Sun 3 hours very steady or 10mile race

Please note that all of these local events are very comprehensively covered by John Desmond on his blogspot John is a runner himself and runs with Eagle AC . The blog gives directions course maps and local knowledge of most of the events taking part in the Munster area. Very worth while to log on to.

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