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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Connemarathon 2008......6th April
Good luck to everyone travelling up to Galway this weekend for this event. For anyone who is not aware of it, it is basically 3 races rolled into one.
First off are the runners doing the Ultra-Marathon, a distance of 39.3 miles!! They start off first and have to run 13.1 miles before they join up with those who are starting the Marathon (26.2 miles).
13.1 miles later, they join up with the several thousand runners who will be doing the Half Marathon. All said and done, a huge event.

Here are 5 video clips about the Connemara event. These are really good and well worth looking at. Total viewing time is about 25 minutes.

Please Note...You will need a fast Internet connection like Broadband to watch these.

1st video. Time = 3m 44s. 2005 event. This clip shows the start of the Ultra-Marathon. What an amazing achievement....39 and a half Marathons.

2nd video. Time = 5m 14s. 2005 event. This shows the start of the normal Marathon, only 26.2 miles!

3rd video. Time = 6m 50s. 2005 event. This clip shows the Half-Marathon and the finish for all of the entrants for all 3 races.

4th video. Time = 3m 03s. 2005 event. This shows the awards ceremory after the race.

5th video. Time = 6m 03s. This clip is a report on the 2007 event. Very well made.

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