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Friday, April 18, 2008

Preview of the 10 km 'Marine Climb' Road Race - Fri 18th Apr 7pm
For anyone interested in making the trip down to Dungarvan, West Waterford, this road race takes place tonight at 7pm. The official blurb for the race is...

The 16th Annual Marine Climb, race 1 in Ger Wyley/Nike summer series. Entries at St.Josephs Primary school Mitchell St from 6 pm.race sarting at 7 pm. Entry for race 8 Euro. Entry to series also 8 euro. 25 euro Nike voucher to all athletes who complete 6 of the 10 race series. Teas, sandwiches and prize presentation in Marine Bar, social night with music.

I did this race several years ago. From what I remember, the sign on and start is right in the middle of the town of Dungarvan itself. The race heads back out out of the town along the main road towards Cork. It then swings off left for Ring. Soon, the 'climb' part starts in the race as you slowly work your way uphill through a series of country roads. I remember when I did it, I was waiting for the turn off back towards the town as we seemed to be constantly running away from Dungarvan. When I got to about 4 miles, I began to have to wonder if we were ever going to make our way back. In fact, you don't!! I had assumed that the 'Marine Climb' was a hilly loop course near the sea. In fact, it's a point to point race and the 'Marine' part refers to the 'Marine Bar' at the top of the hill on the Cork/Dungarvan road where the finish is.

As it turned out, someone very kindly gave me a lift back to Dungarvan but keep it in mind if you doing it. I don't think there are any buses or anything like that. It's up to you to make your own way back to Dungarvan.

With the hills, it's certainly not a course for fast times but most of the race is on quiet country roads.

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