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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weather Forecast for the Cork BHAA 'Cork to Cobh' 15 Mile Road Race - Sun 30th Sept 2007 (Updated Sat 29th 5:30pm)

Only 18 hours to go now and the forecast becomes a lot more accurate. First of all, the chart above looks a bit worse than what was predicted a few days ago. What it shows is that they are predicting some light scattered showers. There seems to be some heavier rain off the South coast which is a bit close but should not reach the South coast until the late afternoon. At my best guess, I'd say that it might be overcast but bright in the morning. We might get a very light shower but we would be really unlucky if we do. I think it will be dry.
It looks now as if the low pressure system will be to the South of Ireland and won't hit the South coast until later in the day.

The chart above shows the predicted wind for Sunday. It looks like it will be a very light Easterly wind. This will probably mean that we will be running into it for the first 8 miles and for the last mile. It looks very light though so it probably won't be an issue.
One thing is for sure, this isn't going to be hot day like the Cork Half-Marathon. A few days ago, it looked as if it might be chilly on Sunday morning. Now, the forecast is that Saturday night will be cloudy so Sunday morning should start off mild. For the start of the race, the temperature should be in the low teens...10 to 12 deg C ?
Looking at the forecast overall, the conditions will probably be ideal for getting good times...mild but not too warm, very light winds and dry.

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