Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Preview of the Churchtown 5 mile road race - Thurs 26th July 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Preview of the Churchtown 5 mile road race - Thurs 26th July 2012

 Before we have a look at the course, please note the following information from the organisers...

(1) Due to the unprecedented weather conditions of late and the unavailability of fields, parking will be a problem at tonight’s race. Therefore, we urge people to make an extra effort to arrive early as those leaving it too late will have a walk of over a half-mile to the hall. Also, bear in mind the various traffic restrictions in place if you are traveling from Cork city.

(2) People who have ran the first two races in the Summer Series (Ballyandreen and Shanagarry) are automatically entered for tonight’s race. The numbers are in alphabetical order and can be seen at THIS LINK  - It would help if people could find their number in advance and ask for it at one of the entry desks. There will be two distribution desks – one with numbers 1 to 200 and the second with numbers from 201 upwards (this includes all females). Again, it would be appreciated if people had the correct fee of €5 ready to speed up the process. Entries will open from 6pm onwards with the race starting at 8pm. For new people on the night (who haven’t run the two races), there will be a separate entry desk as normal – entry fee again €5.

(3) With the huge increase in participants, the start of races now poses its own problems. For safety reasons, we urge people to line up in accordance with their ability. Unless you are running under 30 minutes you have no business at the front – the race is over five miles and there will be plenty of opportunity to move up after the initial rush, so pace yourself accordingly. It goes without saying that headphones should not be worn at any stage.

This is the 3rd race of 4 in the Ballycotton Summer Series and is sure to attract a very large crowd.

Directions...If you are new to the local race scene, try the following route. From Cork, take the usual route to Ballycotton (R629...shown above in Orange). When you get to the crossroads in the centre of Cloyne...

.......the main road takes a 90 degree left. You need to take the turn off which is straight ahead past the old round tower. Just stay on this road (...shown above in red dots). At one stage, you will come to what appears like a fork but you will see that the main road is to the left. Keep on the main route and  you will end up in Churchtown South. Once you get there, follow the stewards instructions regarding parking.

Entries...The event centre for this race is the small community hall which is located next to the road junction as shown above.

On the night, a list of the names and numbers will also be displayed outside and inside the hall. Also, it saves a lot of time if you have the correct entry fee (which is again just €5) at the ready.

Runners who have not run both races (non-Series) can enter in the normal way at a separate table (fee again €5).

The race starts at 8pm and people are requested to arrive early in view of the large numbers expected.   

Course...It is essentially 2 laps of a 2.5 mile course. When you run the course, you would think that it should be a fast course as there seems to be very few hills. However, while there are no obvious steep hills like Ballyandreen or Shanagarry, there are some long drags in it which have the same net effect. For my money, it is as tough a course as either of the first two in the series.

As always, try to get there early (~7pm) to allow plenty of time for entering, warming up and getting to the start line.


Anonymous said...

good points John re start time and numbers, great to see so many running these days but it is a process that takes a bit of time. certainly in a few of the shorter races it seems the front is attracting those possibly suited a little further back, it's not a show of arrogance but with the series being cumulative and runners pushing for places it allows the elite runners to push on and let the rest of us fight our own corner without risk of injury. Best of luck to all.

Anonymous said...

i suppose the race series is a victim of it's own success and the crowding has less to do with people not running in the correct place but the narrow roads these roads start on. it's a difficult decision change the venue of the races or cap the numbers that can enter. i suppose one could have wave starts or hand out designated colours depending on the time you hope for. i did the first race in the series but the crowding didn't really attract me back. plenty of smaller 4and 5 mile races out there. i wonder for some people is a kudos thing/ snob thing. "i ran the ballycotton series". i know for one or two people there is a certain cache about it. as for the elites pushing their corner and risk of injury perhaps they could be let off 2 or 3 minutes early giving them a 1/2 mile start?

the organisers do a great job but they might have to change things around a bit next year?