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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fionnuala Britton finishes 4th in 10,000m Euro final

Fionnula Britton has finished in 4th place in the final of the 10,000m at the European Track and Field Championships in Helsinki, Finland. Having done a lot of the hard work by running at the front in the early stages of the race, her pace slowed in the last few laps as she lost contention with the leading three runners.
Fionnuala's time of 32:05 was well down on her personal best time of 31:29. It's worth noting however that this was only her second 10,000m race on a track and she did finish 4th in Europe. In the post race interview below, it's obvious that she is disappointed with her performance.


Anonymous said...

A braveheart display. I hope she medals in London.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to sound negative but..... She will not medal in London.Dibaba Cheriot and defar as well as 2 other kenyans 1 ethiopian shelane Flanagan will be there as well as japs and chinese.Olympics and Europeans are different standard altogether.She has improved greatly and is still improving.great heart and bravery.Her event will be the marathon.I'd tip her to run sub 225 on debut.She has the mind and endurance for it.

Anonymous said...

This girl is a money is on you Fionnuala for London, i so hope that whatever result you get you will be happy with...but i have faith in you and dont let those who dont want to sound negative but DO dishearten you....i wish Fionnual every success for London and her future which looks good luck : )
- christine,fermanagh