Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Gas Networks 5km road race...Sun 28th Feb 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Gas Networks 5km road race...Sun 28th Feb 2016

Just over 500 runners turned out for this 5km race in Cork City on what was a sunny and dry Sunday morning.

1 Alan O'Shea M1 00:15:12 The Flying Doctor
2 Sean McGrath M2 00:15:27 Harty Tax Consulting M-A-1
3 Eric Curran M3 00:15:38 Forrest Laboratories
61 Joan Ennis 0/50K F1 00:18:53 Avondhu MF F-A-1
65 Carmel Parnell 0/60M F2 00:18:59 Cork Shops F-A-2
90 Ronnie Barry 0/40I F3 00:19:36 Cork County Council

The full results can be seen HERE

1) There are 400+ photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the new route feel a fraction short? And before people respond about GPS etc I'm not talking about that. To me it felt small bit short - my time was a small bit quicker for the effort put in and I'm not at peak fitness at the moment.

Also what was it with one of the higher up women running on the footpath for most of it. If the course is measured I'm guessing it would have been done on the road. With 2 loops running on the footpath would cut out a good bit as you cut corners.

Anyway enough of my questions. Great morning for it and well managed as usual.

Anonymous said...

No didn't think it was on id say

Anonymous said...

My Garmin measured 3.05 Miles and I didn't run on any footpaths. I liked the new two lap route however thought the finish line could have been placed on a straighter section of the course and not around the corner. It was too close to the corner and could have been closer to the city if the start was also moved up a small bit. This is not a complaint just general feedback. Thanks BHAA for a well run event as always

Anonymous said...

Course is measured on shortest possible route as a rule to allow for people running on footpaths etc and any part of route off limits had red tape across it

Unknown said...

I'd agree with the first poster about the lady continually using the footpath during the race, thus shortening the course for herself.
I noticed her at the time and thought similar. If it were a tight race that would certainly be unfair on her nearest competitors.
Plus, she came close at one point to colliding with a small child watching the race with her family from the footpath.
Perhaps a word with the person in question might not go astray.
All said, as is the norm with the BHAA, I found it to be a very well organised and martialled race.
Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Reiterating the 4th comment - The course is measured on the shortest possible route to allow for runners to use the footpath in the interests of safety.
Moreover, the use of red tape to indicate the off limit sections of the route clearly justifies the runners' right to use the footpath if they need or prefer to do so.

As in any sporting event it is the spectator's responsibility to place themselves at a safe and respectful distance from the competitors - to suggest that it is the runner's fault for "coming close to colliding with a small child" is therefore completely unreasonable.

I congratulate the winner and each competitor on their efforts and also I would like to express my disappointment at the comments on this blog which have sought to compromise the achievement and integrity of an honest and admirable athlete.

John Desmond said...

No names were mentioned. Someone just complained about one of the faster women running on the footpath.

In general, it is considered bad form to use the footpath unless there is good reason for doing so.

Dave said...

Regarding the comment posted at 4:52 pm.
The roads or footpaths were not closed to the public. So I would suggest it's the runners responsibility to avoid the public. Considering this member of the public was a child and on the footpath, what would you say to an elderly person out for a walk or perhaps a person with special needs. Should they take actions to get out of the runners way ?
All runners should stick to the roads this ensures fairness for all and safety for all.
Note I have no agenda against any individual, merely seeking a level playing field and some racing etiquette.

Anonymous said...

Can we get someone who knows about the measurement of the course to confirm that the footpaths are considered the course or is it measured from the road only?(My guess is that there is noway they are)
I suppose the person was not to know as its not specifically outlined in the rules of the race(if there even is such rules) but seems like common decency to compete on a level playing field with everyone else regardless.