Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Still no green light for parkrun in Cork City...Sat 6th Feb 2016

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Still no green light for parkrun in Cork City...Sat 6th Feb 2016

About a week ago, the Cork City Council removed permission for the weekly 5km parkrun in Tramore Valley Park due to concerns over traffic. It has just been announced that nothing has changed and there will be no parkrun next Saturday the 7th of February.

I suspect that nothing may happen with this until the Operation Transformation television programme has ended and the publicity from it has subsided. Perhaps then the weekly parkrun can get back on track again?

The artists impression below shows what the park is supposed to look like eventually. However, if they can't even cope with 500 people now, how can all those extra facilities be developed? As someone quipped recently, it's like a headline from the satirical news website Waterford Whispers...."Weekly parkrun cancelled due to popularity".


Anonymous said...

What a shame. Really terrible that proper planning was done and ensured ease of access. As a park you'd expect more walkways to it from Douglas or Frankfield..

Anonymous said...

It now appears that the Munster Colleges Cross Country will be in Tramore Valley Park next Thursday, can anyone give a logical answer as to why this is going ahead and the Parkrun cannot...Waterford Whispers Part 2 ????.

John Desmond said...

"11/02/16 – GloHealth Munster Schools Cross-Country, Tramore Valley Park Cork, 12.30pm"

I'd guess they might be turning up in buses as opposed to parkrun runners in individual cars?

Anonymous said...

I accept that many will come by bus but at the South Munsters in the Showgrounds last week there was a large number of cars in two car parks expertly managed by the stewards inc. one gentleman who officiates at all BHAA races and other races as well, namely John Mohally, I also think that Tramore Valley was rejected as a Cross Country course by Cork Athletics due to its sloping perimeter prior to their move to their present location and lets hope that this course will be available for Colleges competition next season and not to be subjecting young athletes to the terrible conditions and total lack of facilities they had to endure at the Showgrounds last week, things can only get better and hope springs eternal.