Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Clonakilty Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10k...Sat 6th Feb 2016

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Results of the Clonakilty Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10k...Sat 6th Feb 2016

The rescheduled Clonakilty Marathon  was held on Saturday the 6th of February in damp conditions. As you can see, the numbers were well down on previous years and seems to be a trend.

It's possible the drop is partially due to the fact it was rescheduled friom the start of December 2015 but the entries had been reopened as well so that may not have been such a big factor. Still though, there were just over 1300 runners on the day so it's not a small number. There were 262 in the full marathon, 476 in the half-marathon and 576 in the 10k.

1 Garrett LORDAN IE     Clonakilty Road Runners     Male     38:16    
2 Jerome OBRIEN     IE     Male     39:10    
3 Jeremy AHERN         Male     39:38
1  Anna ONEILL     IE     Doheny AC     Female     42:00    
2 Grainne OCALLAGHAN     IE         Female     43:16    
3 Aoife COUGHLAN     IE         Female     45:32


1 Sergui CIOBANU     Clonliffe Harriers     Male     MS     1:15:28    
2 Dermot GORMAN     IE     Raheny Shamrock AC     Male     MS     1:20:30    
3 Billy OBRIEN     IE     An Riocht     Male     M40         1:21:58
1 Karen WALSH         Female     FS         1:34:38    
2 Maria CAREY     IE     Ennis Track AC     Female     FS         1:35:41    
3 Mary SWEENEY     IE     St Finbarrs AC     Female     F50     1:36:03


1 Gary OHANLON         Run Hub     Male     M40         2:48:15    
2 Eddie GARRY     IE     St Finbarrs AC     Male     MS     2:58:02    
3 Lyall GUINEY     IE     Athenry AC     Male     MS     3:03:42
1 Dolores DUFFY     IE     Marathon Club Ireland     Female     F40         3:26:22    
2 Sorcha KEARNEY     IE         Female     F40         3:27:32    
3 Rachel STOKES     IE     Kerry Crusaders     Female     FS     3:36:36 

The full results can be seen HERE

Even though there were over 1300 runners taking part, a lot of the usual clubs were absent while others had a larger presence. There are some people listed under the wrong club but these are some of the clubs taking part in the 3 events...Marathon Club Ireland 81, Born to Run Tralee 36, Clonakilty Road Runners AC 32, Rosscarbery Steam Runners AC 27, St.Finbarr's AC 24, Bandon AC 16, Wibbly Wobbly Wonders 9, Kerry Crusaders 9, Eagle AC 9, Watergrasshill AC 8, Mallow AC 7,

Photos.....(Updated Tues 9th Feb)
1) The organisers have some photos HERE
    & 330 photos HERE  
2) Ronan Wogan has a gallery HERE and another one HERE   


Anonymous said...

Some names are missing off the list in the half marathon . Can it be rechecked . This is twice in one week to have no times . This race is expensive so I would expect a time .

John Desmond said...

Some of the people have the wrong club names as well. For corrections, contact the chip timing company.

Pat said...

Great event today , facilities at quality hotel top class ,route very well marshalled , and nice snacks on return . Give the orgsnisers a break all funds go the charity

Grellan said...

Great race in challenging conditions. Hats off to all the Marshalls out on the course, standing out in driving rain (at times) for hours. Great to see the scenic hilly route back - it's what makes this marathon unique.

I'm in the wrong age category in the results - probably due to the fact that I had a significant birthday since the original race was postponed - although my DOB was on the application. Would have won my age group and all :-(

Unknown said...

As one of the people who had been critical on here of the way the organisers mishandled the postponement of the original Waterfront event in December, I feel it's only fair to comment positively on my experience in Clon this morning. In what we difficult wet and windy conditions, I felt the organisation was excellent. It started bang in time, roads were well marshalled, there were what appeared like hundreds of stewards, and the routes were very clearly marked out on the course. There was also a steward with a loud hailer at each junction in the road where the 3 routes diverged.
Well done to the team in Clon this morning. Despite the weather, it was an enjoyable experience there.

Anonymous said...

Pat this is a commercial event they keep all the money its a golden goose

Anonymous said...

All three races should start at seperate times. Its a disaster i was doing the full and had to pass out all the 10k half runners they run 4 or 5 wide its hard enough as it is have respect for people and keep to one side of the road

Grellan said...

For the record I got my category result corrected :-)

I had no issue with all three races starting together as the overall numbers were manageable (e.g. The Dungarvan 10 last Sunday had circa 2,500 runners heading off at the same time). It's all about placing yourself in the correct position on the start line. Granted you'll always get a few slower runners starting with the "Kenyans".

Anonymous said...

Very little negative comments this time about the event so it must have gone well!!!! Maybe the organisers should keep the old course and move it to end of March. Far more likely to avoid hassle otherwise it's on it's last legs.

dotty said...

My posted results are incorrect and was confirmed by the race organizers. Plus my garmin was coming in @ 13.25 miles. The finishing timing mat was also .15 of a mile before the finish line. Dont think that the chip times were actually used.

This is a novelty race and shouldnt be used for qualifying times etc.

John Desmond said...

Just on the Garmin distance, 13.25 miles sounds about right. If you get 13.1 exactly then there is a suspicion that a course is short.

I'm not sure what the set-up was but some races put out a 'spotting mat' about 50m before the finish. This is to allow the finish line commentator to spot the name of the finisher as they approach the finish line.