Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Cork City Council announce project which will improve access to the Blackrock Amenity Walkway

Friday, February 26, 2016

Cork City Council announce project which will improve access to the Blackrock Amenity Walkway

Cork City Council recently announced details of a project to improve the layout of one of the junctions in Mahon in Cork City. Part of this work should see the provision of two new ramps which will improve access to the Blackrock Amenity Walkway which might be better known as the old railway line.

The Yellow lines in the image above show the location.

This is what the official wording on the project said..."Two new pedestrian/cycle ramps will be constructed to connect the Mahon Link Road and the Blackrock Amenity Walkway/Cycleway. The existing Blackrock Amenity Walkway/Cycleway will be widened, resurfaced, and enhanced between the two new ramps with installation of additional public lighting, CCTV etc"

The existing walkway has a tarmac surface which is 3 metres wide and it is proposed that the section between the ramps will be widened to 4 metres.

This walkway is very popular with runners in Cork and the new ramps might give a few more route options for some. If you are running on the walkway and you are wondering where it will be then look for the set of rough steps which are cut into the bank. That marks the point where the road junction is above.


Anonymous said...

Loads of great ideas coming forward but not enough actually happening. Tramore park run an example of great plan but poor execution. Hope this becomes reality as it would be a great improvement on current access

Anonymous said...

Worth considering Ballincollig Regional Park as a venue, again parking might be an issue but there would be options, the park at the Iniscarra side is quite small but the Lidl car park is just up the road.

Anonymous said...

Lots of new paths (1.6km of 3.5m wide tar macadam surfaced) being built in Regional Park, Ballincollig. Proposed completion date 7th of April. €300,000 being invested in this park over next 10 weeks. incl new public loo located midway in Park at the central Car park.

Anonymous said...

Why just organise a group yourself to see if setting up another park run there is viable, not that hard to run if you have a good core group. That might relieve the parking pressure on the city PR too.