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Friday, February 05, 2016

Potential Gold Championship medals for Sonia O'Sullivan after Chinese media reports

According to a news story in the Irish Times, it would seem as if a letter written to a journalist 19 years ago has now been published and it shows that a lot of the Chinese athletes at the time were doping.

According to Chinese media sources, Wang Junxia the 3000m and 10000m women's world record holder is supposed to have sent a letter of admission of whole scale doping to a journalist back in the 90's and it was signed by all nine team mates. The IAAF have now said that they will investigate the issue and if it's true then medals may be reallocated.

“In any case, IAAF Competition Rule 263.3 (e) note (ii) clearly states that if anyone makes an admission of guilt, the IAAF can take action: if an athlete has admitted that, at some time prior to achieving a world record, he had used or taken advantage of a substance or technique prohibited at that time, then, subject to the advice of the Medical and Anti-Doping Commission, such record will not continue to be regarded as a World Record by the IAAF.”

The graphics below show the results from those World Championships in 1993...

In the womens 3000m, Sonia O'Sullivan finished in 4th place behind three Chinese athletes. If those three were disqualified then Sonia O'Sullivan would be moved up into the Gold medal position. The British athlete Alison Wyeth would be moved up into Silver. The Bronze would be awarded posthumously to the Russian athlete Yelena Romanova as she died of unknown causes in 2007 aged just 43.

In the 1500m final, Sonia O'Sullivan finished 2nd so in this case, she would be moved up into Gold if the Chinese athlete was disqualified.

Even the dogs in the street knew that the Chinese athletes from this period in the early 90's were doping. Wang Junxia set world records of 8:06.11 for 3,000m and 29:31.78 for 10,000 and remain unbroken today. In effect, she took or was given drugs which enabled her to run like a man.

Despite her questionable post, it still didn't stop the IAAF adding her to their Hall of Fame recently which says a lot about the level of corruption within the world athletics governing body.

At the moment, this is just a media story and it still has to be confirmed. It's only on conclusion of a successful IAAF investigation that the potential medals will be confirmed. There's always the chance that the story is just a hoax. Considering how old the letter and story is, it seems a bit strange as to why it's being brought up now and was not left buried.

Video of 1500m final...

Video of the 3000m final...

Interview with Sonia O'Sullivan on Today FM HERE


Keith S said...

The peoples Republic of Cork sent some hard dudes into China lately John (Dessie Bishop helped out and kudos to him) , once in the letter issue was easily sorted ;-) , Sonia Abú, a good night on Patricks Street ahead.

Anonymous said...

Although probably impossible to prove now Yelena Romanova's unknow cause of death surly another doping case? Would feel hard done by if I was Paula Radcliffe if Yelena Romanova ended up with one.