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Friday, February 12, 2016

Cork City parkrun on Sat 13th Feb 2016 cancelled...

There is still no green light for the resumption of the Tramore Valley Park parkrun in Cork City.

Here is a statement from the organisers......"There will be no parkrun at Tramore Valley on Sat 13th February. We have concrete proposals with the City Council for some extra parking outside of the park itself which are being investigated by their health & safety consultant but this won't be complete in time for us to hold an event next Sat."

The map below helps to explain the current situation.
1) The Black Ash Park & Ride is at the other side of the South Ring Road and there is no pedestrian access to the Tramore Valley Park from it.
2) There is limited parking in the park. If more than 250 people or so turn up and no special measures are taken then the car park there reaches capacity.
3) There is a pedestrian entrance from the Half-Moon Lane. If a parking area can be found near there then people can park there and access the park that way. The 1km run in and out would be just a warm up and cool down for most runners.



Anonymous said...

Could anyone explain to me how the Munster Colleges CC were facilitated last Thursday and not the Park Run surely if similar parking arrangements were put in place on Saturday mornings it would solve the congestion problems and I am sure that access from the Park to the Link Road at 10am on a Saturday morning would be much easier than 3pm on a Thursday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Schools use buses, very few individual runners. Plenty of spaces there Thursday. Simple to enter and exit the park. Carnage on Saturdays due to sheer number of individuals in their cars. There are simple solutions like opening half moon lane or using blackish that must be explored