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Sunday, February 14, 2016

For Weight Loss, Which is Best?...Exercise or Diet?

For some people, they look at running as a means to lose weight. As the video clip show, it helps but you need to look at your diet as well.


Gearóid said...

Well as someone who's cycled for 30y and had a problem with weight, I can tell you that exercise is useless for weight control. I gained control by cutting starch and sugar.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with Gearoid. I joined a gym in Jan 2014, having been a 'fair weather' runner for years. I did all the weights and program the gym provided me. I lost 800g in one month and weighted around 95kg. In Jun 2014 I was still at 95 kg. I stopped eating processed sugar (chocolate, desserts, sugar in coffee, etc) and more or less gave up on or forgot about the gym program. By Dec 2014 I was down to 81 kg, just by cutting out processed sugar.

On the radio I heard one lady say that diet gets the weight off while exercise keeps it off and I'd go along with that.