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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ron Hill overlooked as Olympic torch bearer

In a somewhat bizarre move, one of the UK's most famous runners Ron Hill has been overlooked as a torch bearer for the Olympic torch. Some 7300 people will carry the flame across the UK in the 70 days before the games.

73 year old Ron Hill is the former 1969 European and 1970 Commonwealth marathon champion and is still equal 10th all-time on the UK marathon rankings with his 1970 time of 2:09:28. He is perhaps better known for his record-breaking streak of having run at least a mile every day since December 1964. His nomination was rejected on the basis that there were too many applications.


Anonymous said...

Ron Hill is a legend. Met him at Ballycotton10 a few years ago. What a man..!
There is bound to be some dodgy decisions about who is in and out, but in his case it is a no brainer.
Shame when something like this happens to cast a shadow over a great event.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new in this John the great Ron Hill has been ignored on several occasions by the British establishment.