Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Category results for the Cork BHAA Board Gais 5k...Sun 11th Mar 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Category results for the Cork BHAA Board Gais 5k...Sun 11th Mar 2012

Men...1. Wyslaw 15.47 (Spot prize, not BHAA registered), 2. Phil Harly 15.51, 3. Tony Kelleher 16.22, 4. Joe Cunningham 16.33
0/40...1 . John Hennessy, 2. Tom O'Brien, 3. Brendan Williams
0/45...1. Mark Bickerdike, 2. Denis Kelleher, 3. Brian Linehan
0/50...1. George Bulman,, 2. Sean Freeman, 3. Pat Dineen
0/55..1. Michael Murphy. 2. Neilus Aherne, 3. Joe Murphy
0/60...1. Maurice Dunne, 2. John O'Halloran
0/65...1. Michael Dunne, 2. Timmy Murray
0/70 ...1. Tony Dunne,
Ladies...1. Margaret Murphy 18.48, 2. Siobhan Murphy, 3. Anne Marie Power, 4. Sheila Buckley, 5. Elaine O'Donnell
0/35...1. Rachel O'Callaghan, 2. Gillian Murphy, 3. Valerie Lynch
0/40...1. Karen Neiland, 2. Shirley Lankford, 3. Margaret Whyte
0/45...1. Helen Gilroy, 2. Mary O'Keeffe, 3. Monica Twohig
0/50...1. Aine Murphy, 2. Ann O'Connor, 3. Sylivia Pearse
0/55... 1. Mary Toher, 2. Kathleen O'Connell,
0/60...1. Maggie Dunne, 2. Aileen O'Keeffe, 3. Mary Linehan
Wheelchair...1. Gerry Forde

Full results are now HERE

Start of the race...(from Ruairi O'Mahony)

Near the finish line...


Eileen on the run said...

After a few months break it's great to be back at the races!! Fabulous organisation as always - a big thanks to all the BHAA gang!

Anonymous said...

Quick question, im not registered with BHAA so was paying the €8 to get my number but why was I not asked my date of birth for the categories??

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to The Bhaa / Board gais for putting on a fantastic race. Great course and as always ample refreshments afterwards. Many thanks to all those involved...

John Desmond said...

The prizes are for registered runners only...€5 entry. So as a non-reg runner, you would have been ineligible for a category prize and that's why you weren't asked for your date of birth.

The spot prizes are open to all finishers as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Always a fan of the BHAA races, but wasn't in this one, was running on my own and came up against them. Some of the runners in the field could do with opening their eyes, nearly landed in a ditch near the water in Mahon.

Anonymous said...

Great race organization. Results out after 3 days, that's great progress and a step in the right direction. We must remember this is all on a voluntary basis from the bhaa. Well done all who give up there time...Thanks BHAA

rom said...

Jerry Forde's "beep beep" always seems to work and I have never seen people taking offense. Also very easy to say :)