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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Graham Canty of Cork GAA team promotes Great Island Run

Now that the Mallow '10' is out of the way, some of you may be interested in another 10 mile race coming up in Cork next month. The Great Island 10 mile road race is on Sunday the 15th of April at 10:30am. Pictured above is Graham Canty, captain of the Cork GAA team that won the 2010 All Ireland football championship. Proceeds from the race go to the Irish Cancer Society. The race website is HERE


Anonymous said...

Why do race promoters use sports people of other disciplines to promote their events? There are plenty of runners out there who would be as well known in running circles as Graham Canty is. Sure he may be a bigger name in the context of media exposure but is seeing his face alongside the flyer for the race going to entice any would be participant to enter the race? It would make more sense if you got say one or more of the former winners of the Cork Marathon to promote the race. You wouldn't see the GAA using Sonia O'Sullivan or Eamonn Coghlan to promote one of their events.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely event - In my opinion Cobh must have the nicest finish of all the races around.

It's a really tough 10 mile course with lots of drags/small hills.

I'm hoping to be able top make it again this year's for a great cause

John Desmond said...

I think the organisers would welcome help and publicity from anyone kind enough to offer. Mainstream newspapers are much more likely to use images that are well known to the general public rather than just the running community.

Anonymous said...

Hi John, can on enter the day for the great island 10 mile

John Desmond said...

Yes you can. €20 on the day or €15 beforehand.