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Friday, March 09, 2012

Pacers for the Mallow '10' race...

Entries for the Mallow 10 mile road race on Monday, the 19th of March are coming in at a steady rate so if you are doing this then enter asap to make sure that you get one of the dry-fit tops for the first 1,000 entries. More details in an earlier post.

In 2011, the Mallow '10' was one of the first 10 mile races to have pacers and they are going to have them again this year.

There will be 2 pacers at each pace band and the idea is that they will run at a steady pace and finish in 60 mins, 70 mins, 80 mins and 90 mins. All pacers will be wearing a special bib... well as a helium balloon (...with the exception of the 60 min pacers).

Pacers serve a number of functions during a race. Some people will run with them from start to finish to try and achieve their target time. Some will use them to make sure they don't start too fast  and then go and do their own thing. Some will see a pacer way off in the distance and will try and keep them in sight. Others will just want to stay ahead of certain pacers and not be caught. The biggest impact I have seen of pacers is near the end of the race when they catch up with tired runners and you'll find people making that extra effort to try and keep up. Lots of other people may have passed them but the sight of that balloon seems to get people going.

Pacer required...At the moment, they are still looking for someone to do the 60 minute slot. The requirement is that someone must be able to run it reasonably comfortably at a steady pace. This might suit a person who might normally run 57-58 minutes for 10 miles? Needless to say, they will get a free entry and a voucher for their helping out. Contact Dave Lyons of Mallow AC at 086 6082848

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