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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Results for Munster Ten Mile series after 3 races

The standings in the John Buckley Munster Ten-Mile Spring Classics Series have now been calculated. A total of 221 people have completed  the first three races.....Dungarvan, Ballycotton and Mallow. You can see them HERE.

If you notice any omissions or errors then contact before Monday next, April 2nd.

I can't remember what the figure was for last year but in 2009, a total of 243 people had completed the first three races. That's a drop of 22 this year by comparison despite the fact that the numbers at each race were way up. Reason? Possibly because some could not get into the Ballycotton race? Or did more people opt to do fewer races?

The fourth and final race in the Spring Classics Series will be the Kilnaboy ‘10’ in Clare
on Sunday April 8th, commencing at 2pm.


Anonymous said...

hi i'm one of the 243 and never done Kinaboy! can i just register for kilnaboy on race day?.. is the course as tough as it looks? :)

John Desmond said...

Yes, you can enter on the day. The course has a number of very small hills.

rom said...

looks like there are mistakes on the spreadsheet. no 116 for example

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the "Results So Far" John.

I had parked the idea of going to Kilnaboy till saw I the spread sheet.

I'm just outside the top 50 and it was the push I needed to make the journey.

So, its off to Kilnboy for me and the family for an over-nighter in Clare.

Cliffs of Moher on Monday for me.

Thanks J.

John Desmond said...

Mon 2nd Apr....List now updated

Anonymous said...

Hi John, Have you any idea when the results for the 4 races will be out?