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Friday, March 02, 2012

Final post of the Ballycotton '10' week...

Here we go, final post of a busy week...

1) Again a reminder.......and the organisers have asked me to really stress this CANNOT transfer your number to any other runner if you are not running!

2) Don't forget your race number....stick it on the front of your singlet / t-shirt the night before. Remember, the timing chip is built into it.

3) Get there early! Get to the car parks by 11:30am and to the start by 1:15pm.

4) Some people have been asking about the water stations. It's usually in cups, not bottles. This cuts down on the amount of waste that needs to be collected afterwards.

5) Weather Forecast......It looks as if it will be bright with scattered showers. The predicted temperature is 7 deg C with a strong north-westerly breeze. This means that it should feel pretty cold, especially at the start of the race. Expect to have the wind into your face for the first half of the race and behind you for the second half.

......and finally here is a video clip from someone who ran the 2009 race to give you a flavour of the big day

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