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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Running Times interview with David McCarthy of West Waterford AC...

At the start of March, the US athletics magazine Running Times had an interview with David McCarthy from Dungarvan, Waterford. Back in January, he ran won an indoor mile race in Boston in 3:55.75 and in February, he won a 3,000 metre indoor race in New York in 7:57.50. He is currently finishing off his studies at Providence College in Rhode Island and will graduate in May. He will then prepare for the 1500m in the European championships in Helsinki in late June.

In the interview, McCarthy said...“The Europeans are the main goal for me this summer. Obviously the Olympics are there but I haven’t even qualified yet. I’m sticking to short-term goals, no long-term goals. I just want to go to Europeans and compete well. I mean if I can’t compete well there, there’s no point in thinking about the Olympics. After that I’ll hopefully get races around Europe and what comes, comes. If I get an Olympic qualifying standard (3:35.50) that would be great but my plan is to continue to enjoy my running as long as possible."

Growing up, David McCarthy had a host of national titles. Silver in the 800m at the Youth Olympics and an U23 5,000m bronze. He was the Irish age 16 record-holder for 800m (1:51.22). He ran 1:49.93 and ran 3:48.24 (1500m) indoors before his 18th birthday. In total he won 10 Irish Schools titles in five years and uniquely held the Intermediate Boys 400m, 800m and cross country titles concurrently.

The interview can be seen HERE and is well worth a read.

Typical training week :
MONDAY: a.m. – 5 miles; p.m. – 8 miles and strides 
TUESDAY: a.m. – 5 miles; p.m. –   some form of minute repeats (e.g., 5 x 5 min., 9 x 3 min., 12 x 2 min. or a ladder session working from 2 min. up to 5 min. and back down – never does same session twice in same season, always changes)
WEDNESDAY: 12 miles      
THURSDAY: 5 miles; p.m. – 10 miles and strides 
FRIDAY: a.m. - 5 miles; p.m. – 6-mile tempo @ 5-minute pace
SATURDAY: Easy Day (off or 30 min. easy)    
SUNDAY: 16 miles   


Anonymous said...

i am tired reading the session, let alone doing it? fair play to him! he is some man!

Paudie said...

If you enjoyed this article I think you might enjoy this video. I came across it a few years ago. It’s from 2009. It’s a 6 mile tempo run with David McCarty under the guidance of Ray Treacy. You really see what effort is required to make it. Best of luck to him.