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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Weather 10-Day Trend - 11th Feb to 21st Feb 2021

 The weather for the next 10-days can be broken down into different parts.

First off, the weather event on Thursday 11th February 2021.

At dawn on Thursday, a weather system will come in off the Atlantic. There is nothing unusual in that except that it will be meeting some very cold air that is over the country.

As the rain front arrives, any precipitation will have to fall through this layer of cold air near the ground resulting in some snow and possibly even freezing rain. This is when rain that is super cooled doesn't have time to freeze properly and then turns to ice when it hits the ground. Think of a road that looks wet but is actually like a sheet of glass and you get the idea.

There is a good possibility that any paths and roads could be treacherous on Thursday and you should be careful if you're out running or driving.

This low pressure system is bumping up against the high pressure system further east over N Europe which means that the snow and ice may well last for most of Thursday instead of the weather front rapidly rapidly over.

On Friday, the low pressure gradually pushes eastwards and by the weekend, the milder air and rain will arrive. That pretty much sets the scene for next week, a conveyor belt of weather fronts coming in from the Atlantic with plenty of rain and keeping things mild.

Despite the showers, there should be plenty of dry spells as well between the fronts to get out for a run. 

Over central Europe, a high pressure system dominate the weather and isn't that far away. At the end of next week, there is a hint in the computer models that this could influence our weather again and bring some dry weather.

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