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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Guest Post: Saturday Thoughts Pat Walsh

 ** Saturday thoughts **

🛌🛏 Got a few miles this morning with a friend and it was lovely.
Getting out of bed knowing you have company is so much easier.
Amazing how happy we are now with small pleasures.
Maybe it will teach us to be more appreciative. 🙏

We are at this for a year and there are another few months at least ahead.
When will the ‘new normal’ become the ‘ actual normal’ and we will not be able to find another normal?
No despair here just a thought provoking analysis.
Can we or will we ever go back to what we had in 2019.

I will try to keep it going. I am ok after a rocky spell. Feel free to have your rocky spell. That is being NORMAL.
Will races, big events ever be the same?
When will we safely come together in a big group at a start line?
Are virtual races the future and organisers will find it difficult to fill real races.
There is no doubt many clubs have lost members and what will the future hold for them.

I don’t have answers…

Honest all is good and just thought provoking to stimulate the brain and feel free to comment.
Maybe, we can
Find a place to feel good
And we can treat people with kindness
Find a place to feel good... Harry Styles
#pwr #Survive21

(pic is an old one as well outside my 5K zone)

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