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Monday, February 08, 2021

Guest Post: 2021 - Part 2 Pat Walsh

 ** 2021 Part 2 **

We have survived January and hopefully there is some light starting to show. Whether that is the lengthening days or the overall situation starting to improve, it is important to feel some lift to our spirit. 🌀⛅️
It isn’t easy and it is far from over but if we can start to get some hope into our lives then it will help.
My January was made up of many small runs, just to get out and keep some fitness. I hope most of you have got to a 5 mile at this stage. I am now focusing on getting to a 10 mile for St Patrick’s Day. I don’t intend killing myself, it is still early in the Year and there are many goals still to achieve later this year. ☘️☘️☘

If you feel this is beyond you at the moment feel free to follow the plan but just aim for a 10Km instead. Make every mile a KM.
My plan is based on 3 runs per week but there is the option of a 4th run any week you feel up to it and have the time and energy for it. It is optional. Reaching the weekly target of 3 runs is the aim and don’t put pressure on yourself. 😍
On the harder plan I suggest for 1 of the 5 mile runs break it up into 1 slow mile, 3 quick miles and 1 slow mile. This is just to give your legs a lift and get the speed up.
Proper speed work can wait until the weather is better and evenings are longer.
Any questions about the plan feel free to ask me. πŸ€“πŸ€“

Some athletes are well ahead of all this and have a good weekly routine and fair play to you all. Just don’t burn out in February / March for absolutely no reason. There will not be a race other than Virtual or Elite this side of October. “Keep the Powder Dry” for the moment. I personally think they will be no major race of note until next Year.

πŸ™πŸ™The Running Community
I throw out my usual weekly platitudes about being kind to one another, following guidelines and supporting one all around us. When it is all over I hope we can all go back running together.
But 🧐

Through prolonged loneliness and social isolation some may feel trapped and alone at the moment. What if they are unable to resume normal function, fail to lift themselves again, stay stuck in the rut that has been created.

Get in contact with your friends. Check in and see how they are. Ring, Message, text, we never had as many ways of keeping in touch. We were brilliant last April when it was a novelty. Now it is real, the damage is done and ongoing. We need to rediscover that communal sense of purpose and spirit again.
Make someone laugh, make someone happy, make someone smile, make someone feel someone cares. It doesn’t just happen without action from you. πŸ‘πŸ™ŒMake a plan and stick to it.
"It might be easier for us, yeah for us to know
I know we never been quite here before
I wish I knew it when we lost it" 🎀🎼
#pwr  #survive21

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