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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Notice: Cork City Virtual Marathon - June Bank Holiday Weekend 2021

As there are unlikely to be any physical road races in the near term, the 2021 Cork City Marathon is going virtual this year.

Some info from the organisers....

Cork City Marathon 2021 is going virtual!
Despite the best efforts of the organisers, it won’t be possible to host a traditional Cork City Marathon on the June Bank Holiday this year. Every possible option for a road race was explored, but the safety concerns for all involved – the runners, spectators, volunteers, medics, suppliers – were overwhelming. Plans to postpone the full event until 2022 and to go virtual for 2021 were finalised today.

The Virtual Cork City Marathon is an individual and team race that is open to runners, joggers and walkers of all abilities. Cork’s younger citizens, aged 16 to 18, are also welcome to take part in the Youth Challenge, as part of the main team event.

The Cork Marathon has a proud community ethos whereby elite athletes and casual runners share the same course. While participants can’t share the course this year, they can still celebrate their own achievements, be it completing a leg of the team event, a half marathon or the classic marathon distance. Participants are urged to run for charity, run for fitness, or to run for no reason other than because they can! If a carrot is needed, there will be lots of goodies to be won throughout the next few months too!

Event website...


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In summary... This 2021 Cork City Marathon, Half-Marathon & Relay costs €11 to enter and there is a medal on offer which may or not be of interest to participants.

The real value of this virtual event is that it's something to focus on as the evenings get gradually longer and the days get gradually milder.. €11 isn't a whole lot and is probably more of a sign of you committing to doing an event rather than anything else. 

Coaching... If anyone is interested in individually tailored training programmes, you'll find details HERE

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