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Thursday, February 11, 2021

NTA allocate €1.5 million for new path from Grange to the Tramore Valley Park

Update 11th Feb 2021: Good news! The National Transport Authority (NTA) have just allocated €1.5 million in funding to construct a new pedestrian and cycle path from the Grange Road / Frankfield to the Tramore Valley Park. This will include a new bridge over the South Ring Road.


Back in early 2018, full planning permission was granted for a new pedestrian/cycleway from the Grange Road through the Vernon Mount Valley with an overbridge to the Tramore Valley Park.

At a recent meeting of Cork City Council, the Director of Infrastructure Development said that the plans were now finalised... ‘The detailed design of the project has been completed, aided by grant funding by the National Transport Authority. Under the current programme it is envisaged that subject to funding, the Council will be tendering for works and appointing a contractor in 2021, with an estimated construction time of 18 months.’

Slowly but surely this project is gradually getting there. The key word however in the statement above is funding

Ground work on the entrance from Grange in 2016

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