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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Guest Post: Health is Wealth Pat Walsh

 ** Health is Wealth **

Another week has just passed us by and it hasn’t differed radically from the last 6 or 7 weeks, or for much of the last Year. There are a few more of those ahead of us before we see some relief in our restrictions and movement.

I have spoken to you of picking a goal to help motivate yourself and glad to see so many have done so.

Sadly, there are many who we have lost to running, who found the whole situation so difficult and lacked the motivation to keep going. I can see it in some of my own gang and I am reading it in other pages I visit. 🏃‍♀️

I have spoken about the Mental benefits from exercise but may I also dwell on the physical benefits in the hope it will get you going again.
This pandemic mainly attacks the immune and the respiratory system.
Running helps the lungs and running plus some speed work has been shown to increase lung capacity.

Running in daylight hours helps load the body with Vitamin D which in turn helps the immune system.
Running takes you out in the open air and you are more likely to see and speak to other people.
Folks, no-one can do it for you. You must get up, get out and look after yourself as best you can.🤓

The majority of us runners are not in an age bracket to receive this vaccine for a while yet and it could be anything up to 6 months before you will get an invite. (Of course there are exceptions through some underlying conditions or because of your work situation)💉

What I am suggesting is regardless of your running goal, think of the actual physical benefits to running a few times a week to help yourself.


The stronger, fitter, nearer to ideal weight, that you can present yourself gives you a better sporting chance of getting through this whole mess. Saying that my lungs are good and my immune system is strong is no guarantee of anything but it does increase your odds of avoiding or coping with it. Just being healthier is a better way to live your life anyway.

I stress I am no expert, have no medical qualifications and all above is just general advice and common sense.😎

I am still running towards my Paddy’s Day 10 mile, ☘️ but I have taken all forms of pressure from myself in regards to time. If it doesn’t appear on posted finishing times of a race and if there is no photographer to snap me dying on the last half mile then why would I care about my watch.⌚️

The mixed messages we are receiving from ‘On High’ about resumption of anything would lend you to think 2021 is a wipe-out in terms of Big races or anything else that involves a crowd of people, so it is better to be planning yourself and staying in control.

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay well, Stay strong, Stay in control.

2nd Annual PWR Marathon is looking more likely as every week passes.
#pwr #survive21


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