Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Guest Post: Minister for Inspiration Pat Walsh

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Guest Post: Minister for Inspiration Pat Walsh


 ** Minister for Inspiration **

Just being frivolous to lighten the mood. Forgive me

“I wandered lonely as a long distance runner,
That floats on high o'er vales and hills within his own 5k zone”

Had a nice cycle today to help the legs and took a few pics. I got 5 miles done in 90minutes on the bike. Won’t qualify me for Tour de France but but but there was chatting to be done with people along the way. Few nice pics taken and I suppose I should be quoting Wordsworth or some of the great poets on the beauty of Daffodils.. No way.


I had a Kings of Leon Morning and their lyrics were rattling in my head. 

"I can't get there on my own
You can't leave me here alone
I’m just trying to do what’s right
Oh a man ain't a man 'less he's fought the fight" 🎼🎼

Take care, spring has arrived, there isn’t a whole lot of hope ahead but if we give up on ourselves and our friends then we are definitely f***ed.
#pwr #Survive21

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