Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Weather Forecast for Sat 2nd Sept 2017

Friday, September 01, 2017

Weather Forecast for Sat 2nd Sept 2017

There are lots of big events in Munster on Saturday with the Dingle Marathon in Kerry, the Greenway half-marathon in Waterford and there is a 5k race in Doneraile Park in Cork.

The rain is forecast to arrive on the west coast around 9-10am and gradually make its way east. It will probably arrive in Cork City sometime in the early afternoon. The image shows the predicted rainfall at 10am.

The Dingle Marathon and Half-Marathon starts at 9am. It's possible that the race may start with overcast dry conditions and will gradually get wetter. The marathon runners may well have a miserable second half. The wind will strengthen from the South as the race goes on although the marathon runners will be largely protected from this in the second half except for the last two miles.

The Greenway Half-Marathon in West Waterford starts at 9am and is likely to be dry and overcast. The rain probably won't reach the county until the late afternoon so everything looks ok. There may be an onshore southerly breeze which might be a factor near the end of the race.

The 5k race in Doneraile Park in N.Cork starts at 11:30am and should be dry.

Most of the 5k parkruns should be dry except perhaps for those in the far west. They may be finished however before any real rain arrives.

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Darren C. said...

RE: Dingle. Yes, the weather prediction that you made was correct, John. For the first 6-7 miles, it was overcast and windy. Then the rain came down! I did the half-marathon so it wasn't too bad. Well done to those full-marathon runners, who had fairly miserable conditions for the second half of their race. Thanks to the organizers for an enjoyable day.