Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Man runs marathon in 2:44 in a thee-piece suit!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Man runs marathon in 2:44 in a thee-piece suit!

25-year-old Matthew Whitaker set a new Guinness World Record recently when he completed the Sydney Running Festival Marathon in a time of 2h 44m 29s in a three-piece suit! The Guinness rules require that the marathon must be completed by the person wearing a vest, jacket, pants and tie. The top button has to remain done up, but running shoes are allowed.

After the race, Whitaker said..."It seemed like a bit of fun. The first half was fine, but the last 15-20 kilometres were really, really horrible. It was a wool three-piece suit and it was one size too big so the pants weren't too restrictive. I think the three different layers caught up with me by the end of it. I was expecting the pants to be pretty horrible, but the top half was worse in the end."

The previous record of 2h 58m was set by Joe Elliott back in 2013.

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