Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Jerry Forde nearly at 400 marathons & a request for help

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jerry Forde nearly at 400 marathons & a request for help

During the last week, I updated Jerry Forde's list of marathons on his website and he is now very close to the 400 mark!

Jerry's website...

As a wheelchair athlete, Jerry probably has more marathons completed than anyone else in the world. One of the biggest problems at the moment though is just keeping track of what he has completed and what can be verified for record purposes.

For example, his current listing on the 100 Marathon Club in the UK is way out of date. A new list of verified marathons must be submitted but this requires quite a bit of work.

If anyone would be willing to help out Jerry on an ongoing basis, please let me know. Someone would need to familiar with the various marathon websites, the rules of the various marathon clubs and the ability to generate and maintain a proper verified record of all the marathons. The work doesn't have to be done in one block, just something that can be worked on over time.

If you can help, my contact details are on Jerry's website HERE


Anonymous said...

Well done Jerry, always get to see you at the local Cork races.

Anonymous said...

This job has your name written all over it John.