Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Update on the St.Lukes 5k on Thurs 7th Sept 2017

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Update on the St.Lukes 5k on Thurs 7th Sept 2017

I spoke with the race organisers this morning and it looks like the level of pre-entries are now up over 200! With most people likely to enter just before the race, it's looks like there will be a good turn out for this race.

Considering that it is in effect the last evening road race in Cork before the dark evenings close in should get a few extra bodies out for the occasion. After that, the next main evening race in Cork in daylight at least will be the Ballintotis 4 mile next April.

More info about the St.Luke's 5k in this earlier post.

Just some points.

1) If you are doing the race then the GAA grounds across the road from St.Luke's Home in Mahon will be used for parking.

2) If you're running, just watch the down ramp near the 1 km mark. There is a really sharp turn at the end.
3) As outlined before, the pedestrian bridge over the South Ring Road (2 km mark) is now open and isn't an issue.

4) The weather forecast is for it to be overcast with a risk of passing showers. I suspect it will be worse further up the country so it may well be dry.

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