Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Weather Forecast for the 2017 Charleville Half-Marathon

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weather Forecast for the 2017 Charleville Half-Marathon

Over the last few days, there has been no shortage of high winds and showers but it looks as if things will have calmed down nicely for the weekend.

 Update : Sun 7:30am...Sunny in Cork City and fog in Charleville. It should have burnt off by 10am so expect nice sunny conditions...hopefully!

A ridge of high pressure will be over the country for the weekend and the weather for the Charleville Half-Marathon on Sunday is likely to be broken sunshine. It's going to be dry with the temperature in the mid teens. The winds are likely to be a very light and won't be a factor.

Considering the race starts at 10am, it may be cooler then with the temperature down around 10-12 deg. With the sunshine however, it may well feel quite warm especially in the second half of the race.

In terms of gear, a singlet or a short sleeve top will suffice. If you feel slightly cold standing at the start then that's about right.

For anyone doing the Glen of Aherlow races on Saturday, the weather is similar except there is a chance of showers and there will be a northerly breeze.

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