Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Army/Navy 5 mile race...Wed 12th Aug 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Army/Navy 5 mile race...Wed 12th Aug 2015

The annual Cork BHAA Army/Navy 5 mile race was held in the Haulbowline Naval base on Wed 12th of Aug 2015. Conditions were almost ideal with a nice sunny evening and no wind.

A total of 249 runners took part which was down 25% on the 330 of 2014, perhaps a sign of just how many races are on at the moment.

One of the Golden rules when organising a road race is that there should be race stewards at every road junction. At the front and back of the field, the gaps between runners can be large and it may not be obvious to a new person which is the right way to go. That happened last night for one runner at the junction near Moog when they were out of sight of the runners in front of them.  Just by chance, there was someone there taking photos to redirect them. It's a mistake to assume everyone knows the course.

1 Darren Molloy M1 00:26:44 Navy M-A-1
2 Con Marshall 00:27:06
3 Michael Corbett M2 00:27:11 Musgrave M-A-2
48 Margo Dinan 0/45J F1 00:33:56 Fit4Life F-A-2
54 Angela Shine 0/40I F2 00:34:09 Kepak
62 Anne Wolfe 0/40I F3 00:34:47 Joyce Wolfe Physio

The full results can be seen HERE

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2) Kieran Minihane has 214 photos HERE
3) There are 166 photos up on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE


Anonymous said...

Great night for it. Blessed with the weather and 1st time doing the race. I can understand people not knowing the course. If I went again I couldn't tell where we took the 1st left. I'm guessing the 5 mile distance would put a lot of the newer runners off.

Nice spread afterwards. One thing though, the prizes were embarrassing. Did they just find a pile of tshirts in their gym and hand them out? And you could hear many people commenting on that as they were leaving last night. I guess if you are not in it for the prizes then its a perfect event.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the race. A tough run but nice training run for the ballycotton 5. Weather was great. Superb food afterwards..

dequarefella said...

I won a t-shirt last night and it's grand....admittedly it's two sizes too big for me and I look like a homeless man...but I'm not in running for the t-shirts....I'm in it for the glory!!!

Anonymous said...

Road runners are an easy going ould crowd and will accept anything even crappy t shirts, still though the grub was good, consider though the huge drop in numbers at this race since last year 400 to 200 plus, runners vote by their attendance at races.

Unknown said...

It was my 1st time running this race and I really enjoyed it. Even though it was baking hot.The course was not too bad.I thought it was going to be worse. The longest section was the final 800 meters. The food was A1 lads. well done to the chefs. Same cant be said for the Ladies shower which was not working. So over all well done for a good race and hopefully I will be back next year. I have to say I may not have ran many races but the people I have meet at these race are great.Met lots of new people all out to enjoy running and improving times.