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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

New 5k parkrun starting in Cork City at the end of Sept 2015

All over the country, there are 5k parkruns starting at 9:30am every Saturday morning. These are free events and they follow the exact same route every week.

The first parkrun in Cork started in Macroom in May of 2013. The second was in Clonakilty in February of 2014 and the third was on Bere Island in West Cork in August of 2014.

It has been announced recently that there will be a new parkrun starting in Cork City on Saturday the 26th of September 2015. The venue will be the Tramore Valley Park next to the South Link Road on the South side of the city.

This is the route that was used in the past for a 5k race organised by the Cork City Council. It is basically two laps of a 2.5km loop. It's likely the new parkrun will cover much the same route.

This is important news for two reasons.

1) It gives runners a place to run every Saturday morning. You can just jog around or use it as a fitness test. If you do it every 4-6 weeks or so, it should show how your training is going.

2) After a wait of several years, it finally looks like the Tramore Valley Park will be open to the public.

How parkrun works......It's' very simple....
1) Go to the parkrun website and register. You then need to print out the bar code that they give you.
2) Just turn up at the start line of the park run at 9:30am. There is no need to enter.
3) At the finish line, you'll be given a small plastic card/token which is your finish position.
4) Take this token to the scanning desk and give them your bar code as well.
5) The results of the parkrun will appear on their website later that day. You will also get the results by e-mail.

Again, the main thing to remember is that everything is based on your bar code. Not your name or anything else. Bring it with you to the parkrun and you'll be fine.


bogotabandit2 said...

As a passionate parkrunner and Cork native, I've already booked my flights home for the 1st run! Very excited :)
Only 10mins from my family home in Ballincollig....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the pedestrian gate from half moon lane will be open?

Unknown said...

Where will the entrance to the park be? Is it the entrance where you go with the refuse?

Anonymous said...

Great news! Affectionately known as the dash in the trash

Anonymous said...

Where can you park?

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, Cork City needs this.
Ironically I firmly believe this will eventually boost numbers at the other Corks parkruns

John Kissane said...

Pedestrian/bike access will be available via Half Moon Lane which is off the South Douglas Road just after the South Link bridge. Car access is via the South Link and there's parking in there.

Anonymous said...

Is this still going ahead on Sat 26th Spet, I cant find any information on it on the parkrun website

Anonymous said...

Found information on the race on parkrun website -> Events -> Tramore Valley

Steve said...

Bit hard to navigate the site but found this page which has some good detail :