Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Mount Uniacke 5k run...Thurs 13th Aug 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Results of the Mount Uniacke 5k run...Thurs 13th Aug 2015

A total of 133 people turned out for this 5k in East Cork, a drop of 13% on the 153 who turned out in 2014.

1 15:43    MCCARTHY, James    East Cork AC    M    05:03.4
2 15:53    MCGRATH, Sean    East Cork AC    M    05:06.6
3 18:09    MCCARTHY, Jake    Youghal AC    MJ    05:50.4
4 18:24    COOKE, Aoife    Youghal AC    F    05:55.2
6 18:40    HOLLAND, Ann-Marie    Youghal AC    F40    06:00.4
14 19:34    CASHMAN, Evelyn    Youghal AC    F40    06:17.7 

The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

I'm very slow to criticise race organisation as I appreciate the time & effort put in by volunteers BUT...

I'd doubt I'll do this race again, the organisation wasn't up to scratch. The stewarding was a joke, cars & tractors out on the course and 1 of our lads said he saw 2 stewards in hi vis with bottles of beer in their hands.

The finish line was a joke. It was tucked around the corner of the last straight so you couldn't actually see it on your approach. It was just a faint line drawn on the road anyway. They had no overhead clock. Plus it was extremely narrow, there was a rope about 4 feet out from the wall of the pub and a load of people standing almost on top of you as you approached the line. I always finish with a kick and was happy I could pip the guy in front of me just before the line. But there literally wasn't room for me to pass him. I cant understand how the finish line is so narrow, it was actually dangerous to be running in at full pelt.

I cant understand how they got an AAI permit. Just as well there was only 100 odd runners. No way they'd have coped with say 3 or 4 hundred.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love the critics hiding behind the anonymous section. Perhaps this could be removed, some people are never happy.

Anonymous said...

I put the comment word for word on my Facebook page (Allen Cotter Running) .. Ironic the reply critical of my anonymous post was posted anonymously.