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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Irish results from World Championships...Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd Aug 2015

Sun 23rd Aug 2015
In the 400m hurdles, Thomas Barr from Waterford was in action in the first of three semi-finals. His time of 48.71 wasn't fast enough to make the final. The slowest qualification time was 48.46 seconds.
1    Boniface Mucheru TUMUTI    KEN KEN    48.29 Q
2    Kerron CLEMENT    USA USA        48.50 Q  
3    Timofey CHALYY    RUS RUS        48.69
4    Thomas BARR    IRL IRL            48.71  
5    Rasmus MÄGI    EST EST            48.76  
6    Abdelmalik LAHOULOU    ALG ALG        48.87
7    Annsert WHYTE    JAM JAM        48.90
8    Michaël BULTHEEL    BEL BEL        49.66

Race video...Thomas is in lane 9

Post race interview....

In the mens 800m, Mark English from Donegal finished 5th in the 3rd semi-final of the mens 800m. The slowest of the times to qualify was 1:45:02.

1    Amel TUKA            BIH BIH    1:44.84 Q  
2    Ferguson Cheruiyot ROTICH    KEN KEN    1:44.85 Q  
3    Nader BELHANBEL    MAR MAR    1:45.28 q  
4    Marcin LEWANDOWSKI    POL POL    1:45.34  
5    Mark ENGLISH            IRL IRL    1:45.55  
6    Rafith RODRÍGUEZ    COL COL    1:45.63  
7    Erik SOWINSKI        USA USA    1:47.16  
8    Jena UMAR            ETH ETH    1:48.68

Race video...

Post race interview with Mark English...

In the mens 20k walk, Alex Wright was unfortunately disqualified.


Sat 22nd Aug 2015
In the fourth heat of the mens 400m hurdles, Thomas Barr finished in 3rd place to secure a spot in the semi-finals. With 100m to go, it looked as if he was out of it but he put in his trademark finishing kick to get into third.

Thomas is out in lane 8...

Post race interview with Thomas...

Mark English from Donegal was in action in the heats of the 800m on the first day of the IAAF World Championships in Beijing. In the third heat, Mark finished 5th and his time was just fast enough to go through to the semi-finals as one of the fastest runners up.

Race video....

Post race interview...

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