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Friday, August 28, 2015

Results of the Ballycotton 5 mile & Summer Series...Thurs 27th Aug 2015

A total of 522 runners took part in this years Ballycotton 5 mile road race, the fourth and final race in the Ballycotton Summer Series. The numbers were down on last year but were still the fourth highest ever.

1 24:10    HANRAHAN, Mark    Leevale AC    M    04:49.9
2 25:08    SHEAHAN, Colm    Leevale AC    M    05:01.5
3 25:20    NORMAN, Andy    Altrincham & District AC    M    05:03.9
37 29:47    O'CONNOR, Sinead    Leevale AC    F    05:57.3
41 29:55    MACKEOWN, Rosaleen    Leevale AC    F40    05:58.9
48 30:14    DEVLIN, Niamh    Dundrum South Dublin AC    F    06:02.7 

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Gearóid Ó Laoi has a gallery of just over 100 photos HERE

Winners of the 2015 Ballycotton 5 mile road race...Mark Hanrahan & Sinead O'Connor of Leevale AC

Summer Series..... A total of 201 men and 121 women completed the Ballycotton Summer Series. In terms of top t-shirts, 23.8% of men got a top 50 shirt while 24.8% of women got a top 30 one. Overall, the numbers were pretty even.

One interesting statistic. This year, it was easier for men to get into the top 50. The standard dropped from an average 6:26 min/mile pace down to 6:41 min/mile pace which is a huge drop. In basic terms, the number 50 finisher was five minutes slower than last year. For the women, it got slightly harder. The average page there to get into the top 30 went from 7:52 to 7:49 min/mile pace.

The overall results of the Summer Series can be seen HERE

Thanks to John Robinson for compiling the overall results which he does every year.

Michael Harty & Rosaleen of the 2015 Ballycotton Summer Series. Photo: Gearóid Ó Laoi


Anonymous said...

The sun came out for yet another Ballycotton race. I would expect the main reason why the times were down for top 50 was that the 1st race came so close to Cork Marathon this year. This meant a lot of the top runners would have missed that race.

Its ok though. I benefited from it and made the top 50. You can only beat what is in front of you. Love the series and well done to all who are involved in organising it. For €5 a race you can't go wrong.

Well done to all runners tonight and throughout the summer. A great way to finish the summer of running

Anonymous said...

Top series loved it,

My only complaint is in relation finished runners having no respect for those still running ie joggers. There was a lot of this last night, one group of 7 in particular, walking side by side down the main street blocking those still running, despite the fact most people used the footpath on the school side and left the other side clear for the joggers.

One competitor in particular had to should "Did you enjoy your race lads? I'm still running mine would you move out of the way please". Fair play to him.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful location and loved the race and buzz you get before and during the race with such a large turnout.

I do feel some sympathy with the joggers comment made previously, i hung around to support some friend who were in the 50-55 min bracket and they were dodging cars and finished runners coming up the hill to the finish....

Anonymous said...

I agree,everybody deserves the same respect while running,no cars should be left through until all runners are finished.

Anonymous said...

I must laugh a bit. I did some research because when I was waiting around for the race I heard someone talking as if he didn't do the 3 previous races. I saw his number and he was wearing a number high enough up. So checked the results after and you see the huge increase in time for that person in the 4th race. Photos from previous races don't match up either.

You'd have to wonder what the person had to gain. Why would you want a plaque saying you did all four races when you clearly didn't. It is the same price to do the race for the 1st time or the 4th time. It is like just taking a medal without actually doing a marathon.

Anyway that is my inspector morse work done for the day.