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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Guest Post: Storm Babet Pat Walsh


I should be writing a running post to encourage you all with final preparations for DCM or some other long run.

However events have taken over of more importance.

Midleton got destroyed in this weeks storm. Every Premises on the Main St and many other houses and businesses who were in the paths of the overflowing rivers. Most of these people have NO FLOOD INSURANCE due to previous events.

My heart goes out to everyone affected and hopefully we will be able to help and encourage them back into business. For families who's homes were flooded, it can be life-changing and catastrophic.

As runners all I can do is encourage you to be safe on the roads at the moment. Maybe with Christmas not far away do what you can to support your local businesses, as they need it now more than ever.

One bright point, however small, is the level of local support yesterday to help clean up, provide food and spare beds, and do anything to help the situation. It was inspiring

You'd say, "Hold my hand, I'll be your brother wherever you go" ..... Cian Ducrot


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