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Friday, October 28, 2022

New safe route for running between Douglas and Carrigaline???

Green - Existing or planned Greenways, Pink - New Active Travel Route?

Cork County Council issued a press release today (18-10-2022) outlining how work was about to begin from Carrs Hill to Rochestown preparing the route for the new M28 motorway.

"Work is due to begin shortly on clearing trees and invasive gorse from Carrs Hill to the Rochestown Slip Road at the Bloomfield interchange. This clearance and fencing work is needed to finalise the detailed design of the motorway, its interchanges and associated works."

The M28 motorway is scheduled to be completed by 2030. The motorway will be a key part of the road infrastructure in Cork, improving connectivity with key urban areas such as Carrigaline, while providing vital access to the Port of Cork facilities in Ringaskiddy. "

What was very interesting is that they also included the following... "Active Travel forms a strong feature of the new M28 scheme. Chief Executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey added, "

At present, work is ongoing on extending the Ballybrack active travel travel route up to the existing N28 on Carr's Hill. The proposal is then to link that across to the Maryborough Hill which will open up more running routes for runners.

A new 'Active Travel' route if realised between Ballybrack and Carrigaline would make a huge difference for pedestrians, runners, cyclists & other users. The distance between Douglas and Carrigaline is only about 8kms but it is very dangerous at present with the level of traffic on the roads.

As for the route??? Alongside the new N28? Reduce the width of the existing N28 as it will no longer be the main route? The planned and existing Greenway routes are shown on the map in Green. Will it link up with those? Will it follow the new N28 down to the new Shannonpark interchange and then onto Carrigaline? Will it link up with the planned Greenway from Carrigaline to Passage West?

We'll have to see what they come up with.

They made no mention of removing the hill! 😜

Once of the big problems once you get near any urban area is that the roads can get dangerous for running. It's all very well running around Cork City or on Greenways but it can get boring doing the same run.

If this new 'Active Travel' route between Douglas and Carrigaline actually happens and is suitable for runners and not just cyclists then it will be open up a lot of areas for runners in both areas.

I've run on most of the roads in this area and the direct routes between Douglas and Carrigaline are one I wouldn't dare try, there just too dangerous. Hopefully Cork County Council will make this proposed 'Active Travel' route a reality.


1) See this previous post about the Ballybrack to Maryborough Hill project.

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