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Friday, October 21, 2022

Guest Post: Last Long Run Pat Walsh

 ** Last Long Run ** 

Few Do’s and Don’ts – The Practical bits to talk about this weekend on your last run.  

* You have enough hard training done and now relax. Know you have done what you could and now down to the day of the race. You have the knowledge, you gave it your best shot in training. Keep training away but nothing too hard but just to keep ticking over. Easy miles, recharge the batteries. 

* If you have missed some training or were late starting then tell yourself it is now too late anyway. Any hard effort now in an attempt to make up for lost ground is too late and you will not be recovered by the Marathon Day. Get there as fresh as you can. the end few miles might be hard but have the energy to conquer them. Take it easy, nothing to be gained killing yourself at this stage.

* Treat yourself after this run to a cuppa and something nice as a reward for the months of training.

* Build the energy levels. Trust that you have got the work in and all will be good on the day. Eat and sleep well this week. It is OK to be nervous but don’t let it bother you.

* Don’t overeat or indulge in too much sugary things. An extra few pounds of this will only make you feel sluggish. Add a little to main meals with quality food especially Protein.

* You cannot drink enough water Monday to Saturday.

* Be positive, look forward to the adventure, take it as a victory lap for all the hard runs. 

* Nervous energy is wasted energy. It is OK to be nervous but don't let it drain the body.... You are good enough. Many have gone before you and completed this run so why can’t you.. YES YOU CAN 

* Print off some motivational quotes and leave them scattered where you can see them. 

* Change your profile pic to something positive. Look back at your Garmin / Strava (whatever) and look at the amount of work and miles you have put in. 

* You will get there, the finish line will still be open and you get your medal and t-shirt. Pick a spot on the wall / mantlepiece for your medal.

* Advice: Be careful of where you take advice from. People mean well but too many conflicting opinions on what is best will only put your head in a tailspin and wreck you.  Someone's horror story will only give you nightmares. Someone boasting will make you feel inadequate.

* Before you do any training, exercise, class, cycle swim or even climb a mountain ask yourself this...... Will this help me to get around the Marathon? Will I use energy here that I will need and maybe not recover from? Is there a danger I will get injured? Should I just go to bed?

* Dream Big: Whether it is a little daydream or during sleep, visualise yourself crossing the finish line, arms in the air like you won the Olympics and a smile as wide as the River Liffey.

Have a nice weekend.


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