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Saturday, October 08, 2022

Guest Post: Rest Pat Walsh

 ** Rest **  

Building up to a marathon, your MAIN goal should be to arrive on the start line feeling fit and healthy (which can be a challenge in its own right). You are doing long runs and feeling tired is natural. There isn’t enough recovery time to the next long run so how you approach your rest is vital.

Some people when they look back afterwards, found they arrived at the start line tired and had left their best efforts on the Training runs. They had not recovered from the training sufficiently to perform on the day. Tapering begins soon. After this weekend it is too late for any huge run, you simply will not be recovered. Think of a rechargeable battery that is depleted after a long run. Can you get to the start line of your race with a fully charged battery.

With that in mind, take the day off before and after your Long Run. Make the 2nd day after Long Run another rest day if needed or else an easy run. The long run is key so give yourself every chance of succeeding. For most runners, taking a full day's rest or doing an activity that involves less impact, such as cycling, might be more appropriate. Any other sessions work around this to compliment it. Be careful of speed work as legs are tight and can be damaged quite easily. All other days are either easy or resting and don’t be afraid to drop an easy run and take a day off. It might be the best decision. 

It is a good feeling to be strong late in a run knowing you "Have it". Remember to train smarter, not harder. Rest at this stage is now more important than training. Sleeping not slogging. 

So many who had aspirations to run Dublin this year have not made it. Injuries, illness, work pressure, domestic duties all take their toll. We are not professionals and daily life can take its toll when you are running big weekly miles. It can be tough as some things just can’t be helped. The injuries will heal but the mental side of not making it, can be harder. It happens every year that a certain % just don’t get to the start line. You are not alone in this and therefore everyone who is running should be grateful for the opportunity. Dust yourself down and dream again. Don’t give up, go again. We have had setbacks before and we will have them again. 

Have a lovely weekend.


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