Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Guest Post: Memories Pat Walsh

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Guest Post: Memories Pat Walsh

 ** Memories **

One of the features of Facebook is Memories.

On this day in 2018 you wrote some fair rubbish and here it is...

On this day in 2019 you wrote an even greater pile of garbage..

I am messing. In those years I was training and running DCM and was writing articles to help the crew. These are now appearing as memories and they may be of benefit to some. You might have read them before or you are new to this and they may help.

I'm not running this year but hope to be there in a spectator capacity.

If there is a general consensus to republish a few of them before race day, I will. They are not original, just a repost of old ramblings. If you can't take anymore of me I understand that too. 😃 

I do promise to post articles for non-marathon people soon

It is only an effort to be relevant. I'm not selling promoting or trying to be anything. Thanks ❤️ I will annoy and bombard in equal measures next few days.. 


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