Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Race calendar passes 800,000 pageviews! - Jan 2022

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Race calendar passes 800,000 pageviews! - Jan 2022

I just noticed that in the last few days, the race calendar on the Running in Cork blog has passed 800,000 pageviews!

I should clarify that '800,000 pageviews' is not the same as 800,000 people. One person could look at the calendar every day and each one will count as a pageview. Still though, 800,000 is a huge number for one page on an Irish running website.

The actual total number of pageviews to the calendar is even higher as it is mirrored on the Running in Munster site as well. This one is more used by runners outside of Cork but in Munster.

As you can see from the image above, the total between the Running in Cork and Running in Munster sites is just over 1,150,000 pageviews!

I'm not exactly sure when I started the calendar? I'd guess it was probably around 2007 or 2008 so it's roughly 14 years old.

I know for sure that it is by far the largest running calendar in Ireland today. Some of the chip timing companies have their own calendar but they are usually for races that they are doing the timing for.

The calendar covers the 9 most southern counties in Ireland and there really isn't any good calendar for the rest of the country.

The main success of the calendar comes from the time invested in keeping it up to date....and it takes quiet a bit of time every week.

As always, the race calendar is here...

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