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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Guest Post: 10 Mile Pat Walsh

 ** 10 Mile ** 🏃

It is coming into the season of Spring races and it is time for us to move on and tackle 2022.

Many of my crew and lots more runners around the country are training for 10 mile races, which are coming up soon and are very popular.

10 mile is an ideal distance this time of year and benefits are numerous.
* It helps build stamina and provides a solid block of training that can be built upon if you wish to go longer later this year.
* It gives strength and stamina to those who will go back to shorter races and fine tune their speed later in the spring.
* It is a reasonable distance and should be achievable for most runners without undue stress. Just be careful doing too much too soon if your training has slipped. 😢

🏃‍♀️ Experienced Runners
If you have 10 mile races done already and you have a goal time in mind then maybe this will help
Make your long run at least 10 miles each week. That way you have no fear of the distance and can concentrate on the pace of your run.
Try to get a few miles each week towards the end of the long run close to race pace and get used to feeling that pace.
You should be getting 20+ miles a week in total and 1 session to include speed work quicker that desired Min/ml pace of the race. 
One good tip I like is maybe 2 or 3 weeks before the race make the long run an 11 or 12 mile. That way the distance is well conquered and the body has got used to operating for a longer time than it will be on Race day. That can help shorten the 10 mile race.
First race of the Year, Golden Rule, … ‘Don’t kill yourself’.

🏃‍♀️ First Timers and returning runners
Forget the watch --- Just do it.
Don’t climb through the miles too quickly, you will get injured or sick. 
Give yourself enough time to prepare in some fashion that you can enjoy it. Delay the 10 mile until you are ready.
Paste on a smile, relax and be happy to finish the race
Plenty more races that you can then improve on.
If you training isn’t at the 10 mile yet then no panic, just add one mile each week to your long run until you get there.
Don’t forget to include some form of speed work each week. 
Don’t cram a 10mile the week before the race as you will only turn up tired and lacking energy. Take the week easy leading up to the race and just go out there and do it. 

Progression 👏
If you get the 10mile done, fair play. Look at pace and what went right and wrong. Put a plan in place to rectify any problems and just go on and do better next time. The Year is long ahead of you.
If you feel you are not ready for the 10mile and that it has come too soon in the Year, then do not despair. Patience in building to it, is better than the injury or burn-out from trying it too soon.
At the moment, I am taking on clients for 2022, so if you have some goal that you think I could help with then feel free to contact me.

This weekend ---- Get out, go for a run, enjoy it and be grateful that you can. You know it makes sense...

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