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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Guest Post: RIP Ashling Pat Walsh

** RIP Ashling **

I don’t know Ashling Murphy but my heart is aching for the loss of a young girl out for a run. So many have been forced to run on their own the last 2 years. We have discovered Trails, Walkways, Beaches, quiet Country Roads and so many new and enjoyable areas to exercise. Ashling Murphy was killed while out for a run.

What happened is sad, sensless, without explanation or reason and all we can do is grieve the loss of a fallen runner. First rule of running, is to come home safely. This poor girl went for a run in daylight on a busy recreational walkway, happy that she was doing the best she could.

To her Family and friends, of which there are so many, I offer my condolonces. To those whose lives she touched may she be forever in your memory.

Words fail me.

My friends in Ballymore AC (Cobh) are holding a run in her honour at 4pm on Saturday afternoon from the Heritage Centre in Cobh. This is roughly the time of the assault. Just an easy mile or 2, dressed in black, in a dignified and thoughtful manner respecting the occasion. Feel free to join them or run your own run at the same time.

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