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Tuesday, January 04, 2022

12-Week Couch to 5k Running Programme for Beginners - Q1 2022

This 12-week running programme is designed with beginners in mind and get them used to running on a regular basis. The programme is tailored for each individual person and it's not some sort of generic one-size fits all plan. The plan is dynamic in that it adapts according to the progress being made.

The problem with fixed plans is that they are not going to suit everyone. Every person is different and each person progresses at their own rate.

With the 12-week plan, some people will able to run say the 5k distance early on in the programme. In that case, the remainder of the programme is used to move beyond the 5k distance. Others might take 12-weeks to get to their 5k distance. The priority is that each person is making gradual progress at their own rate.

This is how it works...

a) You'll have to answer questions initially so that a suitable programme can drawn up. This will be based on what you do currently and what time you have available. It's a plan designed to suit your life and work schedule as opposed to the other way around.

b) An email is sent to you every week with your individual training programme. You'll have to provide feedback every week and the following weeks plan will be based on this.

c) You really do have to follow the plan. There is no point dipping in and out of it or be off doing other things every weekend when you're supposed to be doing a training session. The plan can be adapted if training days are missed but they should be occasional.

d) The plan is targeted at someone who can't make the more typical Couch to 5k classes on offer and needs something more flexible.  

The cost for the 12-weeks is €69.

While the 12-week programme officially starts on the 10th of January 2022, the dates are flexible as it is tailored for each individual.

If interested, email: johndesmondrunning AT gmail DOT com

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