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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Tyson Gay wins the 100m in 9.79 in Lausanne

At the IAAF Diamond League Event in Lausanne, Switzerland on Thursday evening, Tyson Gay of the USA won the 100m race in an impressive 9.79 seconds. With just a matter of weeks to go now to the World Championships in Moscow, it looks as if Usain Bolt is going to have some serious competition.

1 GAY Tyson USA 9.79 0.163
2 POWELL Asafa JAM 9.88 SB 0.148
3 RODGERS Michael USA 9.96 =SB 0.158
4 COLLINS Kim SKN 9.97 NR 0.216
5 ASHMEADE Nickel JAM 10.05 0.145
6 BAILEY COLE Kemar JAM 10.05 0.170
7 VICAUT Jimmy FRA 10.11 0.164 
8 THOMPSON Richard TRI 10.14 =SB 0.157

A total of 4 athletes broke the 10 second barrier although perhaps the 2.0 m/s tailwind and the fact it was at altitude may have been a factor here. Still though, the times are excellent. Asafa Powell who is often overshadowed by Bolt and Blake in terms of Jamaican performances is still one of the world's greatest sprinters. He has more sub 10 second results in the 100m than anyone else in the world.

Another one to note was Kim Collins....37 years old and still running sub 10 seconds despite having the slowest reaction time.

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