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Friday, July 05, 2013

10 Marathons in 10 Days gets underway in Sixmilebridge, Co.Clare...

In a first of it's kind in the country, the 10 Marathons in 10 Days is being held in Sixmilebridge, Co.Clare from Thursday the 4th to Saturday the 13th of July. A total of 23 entrants are endeavoring to do all 10 Marathons in 10 days while others will undertake fewer or just even one! On day one, a total of 35 took part.

For one of the 23, it was nearly a case of a 'no-show' on day one for Cork's own Gerry Forde. After a mishap with his car on Wednesday evening, the rush was on to get to the start line with his wheelchair in Sixmilebridge for 5pm on Thursday.

Sixmilebridge 10 Marathons in 10 down...nine to go...Pic. Doug Minihane
Mick Dooley tells the story.......Its a long way from here to Clare. They were the words of Gerry Forde as he sat in the bar of Eire Og  Gaa awaiting the tow truck to take away his 131 Toyota Auris. Gerry had just completed the EMC 5k on the eve of his first marathon of ten in Six Mile Bridge in Co Clare. However Gerry discovered that instead of filling himself with jet fuel he fill his car with forbidden fuel and there was no take  off. Gerry patiently waited and with his car towed away made it home for midnight for a good nights sleep.

Next morning, I picked up Gerry and headed for Cogans of Carrigaline. We met up with Ken O Neill and Head mechanic Colm and within minutes, all hands were on the job but unfortunately  time was running out and Gerry got rather emotional on the thoughts of missing out on this unique opportunity ...missing the event was not an option. I quickly made a few calls and within the hour, there was a van and driver on the way.  Doug Minihane was quick to respond and just finishing off a photo shoot and a quick shower, we linked up and Gerry was on his way . Gerry got to the start line for 5pm and duly completed the 26.2 milecourse. He will now do a marathon each day for the next 9 days and to add to that, he wishes to sleep in the comfort of his own bed each night which means a lot of driving also. We wish Gerry all the best for the days and weeks ahead and indeed all the marathon men and women in their endeavours . I am sure their will be plenty of updates as the days roll on.

I am delighted we have Gerry on the starting line for this one. Thanks to Don Keohane , Ned Ramsell for their initial response and in particular to a heroic Doug Minihane who has taken care of Gerry for the first event.

1) Doug Minihane has a small gallery of photos HERE

Gerry Forde currently has over 240 Marathons completed. He has done more Marathons than any other wheelchair athlete in Ireland or the UK if not Europe itself.

Update...There is also a nice article about Gerry Forde in the Cork News this week.

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Anonymous said...

Fair play to Mick Dooley, the most helpful man you will find at any Road Race, a buala bas for him on next Wednesday night, also go Jerry go.